Margaret van Wezel
Owner, Director and Trainer

We all seek adventure in life, in some way or another.  Adventure is what makes us feel alive, it brings a sense of freedom and in it we discover purpose.  How I perceive myself and the world around me will greatly determine my experiences in life.  No one can live my life but me.  In saying that, I am responsible for creating my own best experiences.  Etiquette Academy presents us with the opportunity to look at life and relationships with a fresh perspective.  We discover that we have something valuable to offer the world and that the world has something beautiful to give.  A world where people become treasures and we have the privilege of seeking out the gold in each other.  To me, this is etiquette at it's best, to love and respect myself and in doing so I can offer it to those around me.     

Etiquette can unlock the door to a world of many adventures.   

Shaun van Wezel
Co-Owner & Trainer

Etiquette is not something you learn, it is someone you become.  I am passionate about many things but one thing is sure, your passion can only take you as far as your etiquette and good manners allows you to.  I believe that a strong man is a man that knows his strengths and then usese it to help others find theirs.