Lady Grace

Etiquette Fundamentals Age 14 - 17

  • 450 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Starting August 2021 Lady Grace is a 9 week etiquette course. During this course we focus on the fundamentals of etiquette. Lady Grace is specifically designed for ladies age 14-17. To help students build confidence we have included a complimentary photoshoot valued at $200 - This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to build and maintain meaningful relationships - Students gain age appropriate life and social skills - Build confidence to step into their own beautiful self by engaging in uplifting and self discovery talk - Create awareness of the needs in our community and identify how we can meet those needs - Guide students to pay careful attention to personal care and grooming Course Modules include: FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND HOW TO INTRODUCE MYSELF COMPLIMENTS AND ETIQUETTE IMPECCABLE MANNERS HOW TO BE A GOOD GUEST IN SOMEONE’S HOME HOW TO BE A GOOD HOST RESTAURANT ETIQUETTE TABLE MANNERS ONLINE & CYBER ETIQUETTE WARDROBE ETIQUETTE

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